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sialkot fitness wear
Kids Socks Manufacturer

Kids Socks Manufacturer

Socks Manufacturing Categories

Socks are an apparel bargain that generally fit in to different categories depending on consumer’s need. Socks are designed, priced and packaged for virtually every one. The major manufacturing categories are:

Everyday Comfort Socks

These are the basic socks developed for everyday casual wea...

Kids Socks Manufacturer

Socks Manufacturing Categories

Socks are an apparel bargain that generally fit in to different categories depending on consumer’s need. Socks are designed, priced and packaged for virtually every one. The major manufacturing categories are:

Everyday Comfort Socks

These are the basic socks developed for everyday casual wear.

Performance Sock

These sporty socks often contain technical yarns or finishes that add benefits or enhance performance in an athletic activity.

Through intense research in the design and fabrics, RY International has created different type of performance enhancing socks products which provide the ultimate in comfort.

Common TECHNICAL features include:

a) HIGH TECH FIBERS that wick away moisture
b) ANTIMICROBIAL to keep feet healthier
c) Unique COOLING VENTS that keep the foot ventilated
d) Left/Right design, Technical Design LOGO
e) Wide RANGE of Colors
f) Special TOE SEAMS to enhance comfort
and more depending upon customer requirements

Common COMFORT features include:

HIGH IMPACT PADDING strategically designed for the specific activity,
Stay COOL in summer and Keep WARM in the winter
In variety of YARN BLENDS, Natural & Man Made Fibers to enhance comfort and performance.
and more based on customer required technical specifications

Sports Specific Socks / Athletic Sock / Performance Hosiery Mill

a) Running
b) Walking
c) Tennis
d) Table Tennis
e) Badminton
f) Squash
g) Hiking
h ) Baseball
i ) Football/ Soccer
j ) Basketball
k) Gymnasium

Coordinate Socks

These fashion socks match your wardrobe. They are available in a full range of basic or seasonal fashion colors & textures, and are often tied to a brand or designer label.

Dress/ Novelty Sock

These fancy socks for special occasions, seasons or novelty purposes may have special embellishments.


Socks Sizes & Specifications

 Any specifications regarding Size, Weight, Color, Yarn quality, Knitting construction, Processing, Dyeing, Special Finishing, Packaging can be implemented as desired by the client.

Sock Sizes Available

  • Mens Socks
  • Womens and Ladies Sock
  • Boys Socks
  • Girls Sock
  • Youth Socks
  • Toddlers Socks

Heel Type

  • True Heel or Real Heel Sock
  • False Heel or Pouch Heel Socks
  • Y-Heel Socks

Terry and Cushion Type

  • Standard or Sandwich Terry Socks
  • Full terry and half terry Socks Manufacturer


We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of all type of socks: cotton socks, sports, athletics, performance sock, outdoor, walking, tennis, running, football, baseball, dress, casual hosiery, work, every day comfort socks, crew, anklet, quarter, lo cut, no show, dress and more

Casual Sock

RY International has developed, produced and supplying fine quality casual socks in special yarns, melanges and extra soft feeling to its customer worldwide. Casual Socks describes all womens socks & mostly mens socks with exception of dress & athletic socks.

Sports, Athletic, Performance & Outdoor Socks

These socks are specially designed for sports & athletics activities like Tennis Socks, Badminton Socks, Table Tennis Sock, Squash Socks, Football Socks, Golf Socks, Hiking Socks, Running Socks Manufacturer, Cycling Socks Hosiery, Skiers or Skiing Socks, Skater Socks, Walking Socks Supplier, Baseball, Basketball Stripe Socks and many more.  RY International offer many performance features such as cushioning, knit-in arch support, reinforced toe and heels, blister guards based on customer requirements.

The special range of socks is designed, developed to offer Enduring Comfort for a wide range of outdoor activities specially for hiking purpose.

Socks specially designed for each activity to provide maximum protection and comfort. RY International guarantee your feet will feel better at the end of your day. Import sports specific sock from RY International for the finest quality product at the competitive prices.

Slipper Socks

These are casual in-the-house or bed-time socks.

Medical Sock

Socks are designed for medical patient like diabetic etc

Turned Welt Top

These taps are turned over and knit down during the knitting operations. This creates a neat appearance in the top with no loose strings. It is used particularly in athletic socks.

Bobby Socks

Bobby socks are heavy cuffed anklets that were predominantly a girls’ fashion in the 1940’s. RY International have supplied bobby socks to its customer in USA, Canada.

Tube Sock

Tube socks have no knit in heel or toe. They are generally worn for athletics & other casual activities.

We are the leading socks manufacturer, supplier and Most reliable hosiery mill in Pakistan supplying all type of sock:  Sports, Athletic, Everyday Comfort, Casual, Dress, Performance, Outdoor, Work, Tennis, Walking, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Knee High, Crew, Anklet, Quarter, Lo Cut, No Show, Real heel, False heel, Full terry, Half terry and more


Socks Length

Over the Calf / Knee high / Trouser Socks

These socks provide coverage to the top of the calf below the knee and wear well with all type of shoes. Knee-highs are fashion socks available in variety of textures and patterns, usually worn in a colder weather with skirts & shorts. Trouser socks are thinner & usually worn with dress pants or trouser.

Crew / Work / Boot Socks

These sock provide coverage up-to mid calf and may be worn straight-up, cuffed or scrunched. They are available in different sizes “ribs” or textures and may be modified as a work sock or boot socks by adding extra reinforcement and cushioning for extra protection in heavy-duty shoes.

Cuff Sock

These socks provide coverage between the ankle and calf and may come in a single cuff, turned over three times or turned over to show terry loop construction. They can be worn year-around especially with shorts & dresses, and wear well with all type of shoes except ladies dress.

Ankle Crew / Quarter Socks

These sock cover the foot up to the ankle and wear best with athletic & casual shoes.

Footie / Low Cuff / Lo Cut Socks

These socks cover the foot, stopping below the ankle. They are popular in hot weather and are sometimes embellished with stripes or logo. They wear best with athletic & casual shoes.

“No Show” Sock

These are covered by a shoe for a “no socks” look. They are popular in hot weather.

We are the world leading socks manufacturer, supplier, exporter and best hosiery mill in Pakistan supplying all type of socks to major retail stores and brands USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, India & more: Over the calf, Knee High, Trouser, Crew, Work, Boot, Cuff, Anklet, Quarter, Lo Cut, No Show, Footie Sock, Sports, Athletic, Performance, Casual, Outdoor, Work, Dress, Tennis, Walking, Running.

Fabric Content And Blend

Our socks made from the finest quality cotton, natural fibers and man made fibers.

Socks are available in different type of fiber content & blends depending upon customer requirements: Combed Cotton, Ring Spun Yarn, Carded, Open end Yarns, Regenerated (RG) Yarn, Poly Cotton, Melange Yarns, Dyed Yarn, Coolmax, Wool, Merino Wool, Elastomeric Yarns, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, Lycra, Spandex, Sulcool, Sorbtek, Elastic, Melange Yarn, Twisted Yarn, Polypropelene, Modal, EVAP, Tencel, Tactel, Meryl, CVC 60/40, PV 80/20 Mercerized Yarn, and more

Fiber content and knitting construction are very important factors to enhance comfort and performance of all type of socks: Sports, Athletic, Comfort, Casual, Performance, Outdoor, Work, Health, Medical, Dress, Walking, Running, Skiing, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Hiking, Cycling and more

Natural Fibers

Cotton is a comfortable with a soft hand. It absorbs moisture from the foot, has good color retention & stretch.

Mercerized Cotton
Mercerized cotton is cotton that is treated to give higher luster and a softer hand. It also will dye darker, richer colors than regular cotton.

Silk fibers are obtained from the cocoons of various types of silkworms. They are soft, light weight and add luster, but can be expensive.

Wool is the soft, curly hair of sheep that is spun into yarn. Wool is warm, sturdy & durable. It has a crisp, resilient hand and excellent insulating properties, even when wet.

Manufactured Fibers

Acrylic fibers are man-made and are generally warm & light weight. They are used in casual, dress and athletic socks. Acrylic keeps its shape well. Its other properties include resilience, softness, easy care, minimal shrinkage, rich coloration and the ability to wick sweat away from the foot

Polyester is a man-made fiber that is abrasion resistant has excellent wash-ability, and is fast dyeing. It is really heat-settable & dye-able. Polyester is used in mens, womens & boys sports & dress socks.

Nylon is the first & oldest of the true synthetics. This fiber is famous for its strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, soft hand, elasticity and easy washing characteristics.

Spandex (Elastane)
Spandex is a generic term denoting a man-made elastomeric fiber used in place of a rubber. It can stretch to more than five times its relaxed strength and recovered. It provides better size ranges, improved fit and better comfort.

Socks Manufacturing -Fiber Contents & Blends

RY International is the worlds leading socks manufacturer, sock supplier, exporter and best hosiery mill of all type of socks in Pakistan. Our product range include:  Sports, Athletic, Everyday Comfort, Performance, Casual, Coordinate, Fashion, Medical, Work, Diabetic, Branded, Designer, Sports Specific Socks, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Skating, Skiers, Skiing, Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Cycling, Work, Hiking, Outdoor, Running, Walking, Slipper, Bobby, Turned Welt Top, Over the Calf, Knee high, Trouser, Crew , Boot, Anklet, Cuff Socks, Quarter, Footie, No show, Lo Cut, Tube, Slouch Socks. Bobby sock, Liner, Trainer, Toe, Men, Men, Women, Ladies, Boys, Boy, Youth, Kids, Toddler, Standard terry, Rough Terry, Sandwich Terry, Ankle Support, Mesh, Foot Support, Airflow, White, Blue, Navy, Royal Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Colored Heel & Toe, Solid Color, Cotton, Design, Design in foot, Designs in Rib area, Design from heel to toe, Pattern, Technical Yarns, Organic, Sul-cool, Sorbtek, Coolmax, Modal, Mercerized yarn, Ringspun Yarn, Open end Yarn, Combed Yarn, Wool, Merino Wool Acrylic, Viscose, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Lycra, Elastic, Polypropylene, Anti Bacterial, Cushioned, Wicking, Full Cushion, Half Cushion, Heavy Winter, Thermal. Manufacturers, Mill, Mills, Factory, Factories, Supplier, Suppliers, Seller, Wholesaler, Wholesale, Retail, Retailer, Exporter, Exporters, Hosiery, Footwear, Casualwear, Workwear, Casual wear, Menswear, Women wear, Kids wear, Knitwear, Accessories and more depending on customers requirements.

We are supplying socks to USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, India, & more


Comfort Socks

Anti-Bacterial Socks

This durable finish is added to socks to control the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It usually will not wash out for the life of sock.

Support Socks

Supports socks are made of nylon & polyester with nylon & elastic fiber added to give support to the leg & foot to reduce fatigue.

Terry or Cushioned Socks

Terry fabric is used in socks for increase cushioning. It is used mostly in foot of the sock and can be full or half terry around the sock.

Thermal Socks

Thermal socks can be made of heavy acrylic, wool, polypropylene or a blend of fibers. They are winter weight socks favored by skiers, skaters or others that spend a great deal of time outdoors in cold weather.

Wicking Sock

Wicking is the capacity of a fiber or yarn to transport moisture away from the foot for evaporation.

Target Market

We are the world leading manufacturer, hosiery supplier, best socks mill, cotton factory and exporter of Socks in Pakistan: Cotton, Sports, Athletic, Everyday Comfort, Casual, Performance, Dress, Medical, Work, Outdoor, Tennis, Running, Walking, Outdoor, Hiking, Baseball, Anti Microbial, Moisture Management, Compression, Mesh Support, Arch and Foot Support, Air Flow, Technical Logo Design, Knee High, Crew, Cuff,  Anklet, Quarter, Lo cut, No Show, Liner, Footie, Men’s, Women’s, Boys, Cotton, Poly Cotton, Coolmax, Wool, Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Lycra, Spandex, Polypropylene, Sul-cool, Sorbtek and many more. Our target market include Importer, Buyers, Sellers, Distributors, Retailer, Wholesaler, Manufacturers, Retail, Wholesale Market from worldwide.
Continents: North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa
Country: United States of America, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Holland, Netherlands, United Kingdom (UK), Norway, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Sharjah, Saudi Arab, Yemen, Muscat, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, China, India, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-lanka, Singapore, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco, Mauritius, Russia, South Africa.

Socks Knitting Machines

  • Lonati
  • Sangiacomo
  • Matec
  • Uniplet “Ange”
  • Colosio

We as Sialkot Fitness wear always welcome designs and specifications from our clients for there orders or developments. If you have any questions or you have any inquiry contact us by email at Url.


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