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sialkot fitness wear
Women Socks Manufacturer

Women Socks Manufacturer

From very beginning we have focused on implementing the best manufacturing and business practices of leading hosiery manufacturers. This has allowed us to create a hybrid model with flexible manufacturing options and quick response times. Our purpose-built business model assists us in providing our clients with minimum l...

Women Socks Manufacturer

From very beginning we have focused on implementing the best manufacturing and business practices of leading hosiery manufacturers. This has allowed us to create a hybrid model with flexible manufacturing options and quick response times. Our purpose-built business model assists us in providing our clients with minimum lead times, from an inquiry to the final shipment.


Plant & Facility

Machines with production capability per month

1). Lonati Knitting machines with a capacity of 110,000 dozen pairs per month

2). Conti Complett machines, Over lock machines with a capacity of 120,000 dozen pairs per month

3). Ngai Shing dyeing plant with a capacity of 130,000 dozens pair per month

Along with basic socks, we are also capable of producing technical socks with ECO Friendly yarns, socks with special treatments during process and other socks as per current fashion trends.

Some examples of the varying products that we can offer include:

Diabetic Socks

Cool-max Yarn Socks

Bamboo Yarn Socks

Anti-Microbial, Ultra Fresh, Aegis, Purist A, Sanitized treatments

Work-wear Socks

Sports, Casual and Dress Socks

Football and Rugby Socks


we produce and export all kinds of sports and casual wear socks. Our current production capacity is 1.4 Million dozen pairs per year. We are constantly investing in both our machinery and infrastructure to increase our production capacity sustainably, and can produce all kinds of motifs, coloured heels and toes in our crew, ankle and low cut range. At present our WRAP certified goods are being shipped to North America, South America and Europe to quality-conscious buyers.


From very beginning we have focused on implementing the best manufacturing and business practices of leading hosiery manufacturers. This has allowed us to create a hybrid model with flexible manufacturing options and quick response times. Our purpose-built business model assists us in providing our clients with minimum lead times, from an inquiry to the final shipment.


sock is a piece of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the ankle or some part of the calf. Some type of shoe or boot is typically worn over socks. In ancient times, socks were made from leather or matted animal hair. In the late 16th century, machine-knit socks were first produced. Until 1800 both hand knitting and machine knitting were used to produce socks, but after 1800, machine knitting became the predominant method.

One of the roles of socks is absorbing perspiration. The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, as it can produce over 0.25 US pints (0.12 l) of perspiration per day;socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. In cold environments, socks made from wool insulate the foot and decrease the risk of frostbite. Socks are worn with sport shoes (typically white-coloured socks) and dress shoes (typically dark-coloured socks). In addition to the numerous practical roles played by socks, they are also a fashion item, and they are available in myriad colours and patterns.


Socks can be created from a wide variety of materials, such as cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefins (such as polypropylene), or spandex. To get an increased level of softness other materials that might be used during the process can be silk, bamboo, linen, cashmere, or mohair. The color variety of sock choices can be any color that the designers intend to make the sock upon its creation. Sock 'coloring' can come in a wide range of colors. Sometimes art is also put onto socks to increase their appearance. Colored socks may be a key part of the uniforms for sports, allowing players teams to be distinguished when only their legs are clearly visible.

Socks Styles

Socks are manufactured in a variety of lengths. Bare or ankle socks extend to the ankle or lower and are often worn casually or for athletic use. Bare socks are designed to create the look of "bare feet" when worn with shoes. Knee-high socks are sometimes associated with formal dress or as being part of a uniform, such as in sports (like football and baseball) or as part of a school's dress code or youth group's uniform. Over-the-knee socks or socks that extend higher (thigh-high socks) are today considered female garments. They were widely worn by children, both boys and girls, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries; although, the popularity varied widely from country to country. When worn by adult females, knee-high or thigh-high socks can become the object of sexual attraction and fetishism by some men.

A toe sock encases each toe individually the same way a finger is encased in a glove, while other socks have one compartment for the big toe and one for the rest, like a mitten; most notably Japanese tabi. Both of these allow one to wear flip-flops with the socks. Leg warmers, which are not typically socks, may be replaced with socks in cold climates.

A business sock is a term for a colored sock for conservative appearance and casual footwear. The term is often used loosely to indicate a term for a conservative office setting. For instance, business socks, business shirts and business shoes are used for office and job. These socks usually have patterns and are known to be a cause for bleach stains in laundry machines due to their colored manufacturing process and dyed attributes.

Crew socks are short, thick everyday socks usually ribbed at the top of the ankles. They can be used in a way to warm legs. The first familiar practice of crew sock was in 1948. Crew socks are usually unisex.

Low cut sock is a kind of sock that describe in a way to be cut below ankle. Low cut socks are formed to cover the contours of feet. Low cut socks are unisex wearing but Women and girls commonly use them. Low cut socks are normally worn with shoes such as boat shoes, Oxfords, moccasins and loafers.

The Ancient Egyptian style of sock is a blend between modern Western socks and Japanese tabi, both of which it predates. Like tabi, Egyptian socks have one compartment for the big toe and another for the rest, permitting their use with sandals; like Western socks, they fit snugly to the foot and do not use fasteners like tabi.


Most sports will require some sort of sock, usually a tube sock to protect one's legs from being scraped while participating in sport activities. In basketball, tube socks are worn, and in lacrosse, mid-calf socks are required. In football, knee socks are used. They are mostly to stop grass burns.


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We as Sialkot Fitness wear always welcome designs and specifications from our clients for there orders or developments. If you have any questions or you have any inquiry contact us by email at Url.


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